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Do you need a retail water connection or sewer network connection for your important property development or project? Bax Engineering can help.

While Unitywater is responsible for those utilities, it is cheaper, easier and in some cases necessary to use the services of a Unitywater endorsed Accredited Entity or Registered Certifier just like Bax Engineering to handle the process for you.

Sunshine Coast’s civil engineering experts, we have been specially approved and accredited to handle this exciting stage of your project.

Sewer and Water Connection Brisbane and Sunshine Coast-wide

As of 2017, Unitywater began to phase in the Accreditation and Certification (A&C) system for the development industry. The system is designed to improve the efficiency of processes to connect new developments to Unitywater’s water supply and sewerage networks. It also gives the industry greater control over the time and cost of completing new connections to their networks. This means the bulk of certifications for water and sewer connections are now handled by Unitywater endorsed consultants just like Bax Engineering, the local Sunshine Coast civil engineering experts.

We have extensive experience in dealing with Unitywater on every type of development – whether large or small, simple or complex, residential, commercial or industrial, or land subdivisions. Contacting Bax Engineering to take on your sewer or water connection design and construction certification is an easy and affordable way to keep your project on track.

Easily connect water and sewer today

Every development requires connections to the existing local water and sewer infrastructure – and not just for drinking, showering and wastewater management. Plan sealing, approval and titling also requires smooth and timely water and sewer connections, and yet so many projects leave this important component to the last minute and risk significant delays.

Why is timely action important when connecting water & sewer?

Often, Council approval can be held up if a Unitywater endorsed consultant hasn’t been on the case and your sewer and water connection process isn’t underway. Bax Engineering’s civil engineers are Unitywater endorsed consultants that can take care of the design and construction certifications when connecting to a water and sewer network in the Sunshine Coast, Noosa or Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Design approvals and the process for obtaining a Connection Certificate can be lengthy, complex and confusing. Get it wrong, and the development can fall behind schedule and cost big money and highly disruptive delays.

Bax Engineering and its Unitywater endorsed consultants know exactly how to guide you through a smooth-running and highly personalised process so that your particular project stays on track.

What type of sewer and water connection will you need?

Our experienced project managers, civil engineers and Unitywater endorsed consultants can get you up and running with water and sewer design and construction connections for:

  • Standard meter connections
  • Residential and land subdivisions
  • Commercial and industrial developments
  • Dwellings and duplexes

Bax Engineering is a fully accredited, endorsed and highly experienced consultant for the provision of services and advice in sewer and water connection for all types of developments across the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

Ready to put your project, development or aspirations on the road to success? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Bax Engineering today for friendly, expert advice or a free consultation. Call Glenn on 0407 021 300 today.